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Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

I made a choice - to keep what I knew to myself and incur the wrath of the Archangel Gabriel. I'm still not sure it was the right decision, but now I'm living with the consequences...

In the shadows of the end of days, where a cold war rages between Heaven and Hell, I tread a precarious path to redemption. Once the commander of a host of angels, the right-hand woman to Gabriel himself, I have been sentenced to walk among the denizens of Earth, in disgrace and stripped of my celestial rank. Desperate to reclaim my place, I've pledged myself to Concordia - the clandestine order that guards humanity from the celestial imbalance. Our team's quest: to unearth King Solomon's missing scroll from the ashes of Sodom, a relic whose might threatens to unleash chaos if it fell into the wrong hands. My companions are everything heaven warned me against, yet I find myself trusting them.

But the mission is not the only thing that tests my resolve. Alastor, our enigmatic hellhound leader, ensnares my thoughts with his commanding darkness, while Theo, the carefree wolf shifter, tempts me with his openhearted desire. As passions flare, I find unexpected friendship with Lily, a succubus who is fast becoming the friend I never had; Cole, an incubus billionaire hacker whose loyalty to Alastor is fierce; and the steadfast human doctor, Carlisle.

The battle lines between duty and desire blur, each heated encounter, each whispered promise, pulling me closer to the brink. What am I willing to sacrifice for redemption? Can I allow myself to love in a world where such a choice might be my ultimate downfall?

And if I did, could we survive Gabriel's wrath?

This is the first book in an action adventure paranormal romance series where one woman finds herself multiple love interests that she does not have to choose between. This book was previously published under the title Demon's Song in 2023, but has been completely rewritten and bears very few similarities to the first edition save for character names and species. Contains dark and adult themes.

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