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Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

An omega wolf who can't shift. Three delicious alpha wolves all drawn to my side. The only problem? I'm secretly carrying their brother's baby. The brother who deserted them and their pack two years ago.

When I ended up on Desolation Island, running from the pack that hunts me, I could never have imagined the three brothers I meet are the three brothers my mate left behind. years ago. Maverick - destined to be pack alpha since my mate abandoned his destiny, Lucas, the dark and violent, but with such sadness in his eyes, and Asher, the sweetest, most caring man I have ever met, hurt beyond belief by Jaxon's betrayal. They resent Jaxon for leaving, and they cannot find out I carry his child, or that I am the wolf the High Rocks pack are hunting for. Or my ultimate weakness - that I can't shift. I've heard the stories - the Sea Wolves, do not tolerate weakness.

The problem? My wolf marked the alpha with her mate mark, meaning I cannot leave his side until it fades in a month's time. I'm stuck here. At least it gives me time to search for the fabled Spanish gold my mate was so convinced is hidden here on the island. If I found that gold, even a little could solve all my problems and let me and my baby have a new start, safe from my pack and far away. That was the plan.

Falling in love wasn't.

This is a full-length reverse harem romance novel, full of sexy alpha males, a strong heroine, and steamy scenes. Triggers include SA, both on screen and off; pregnancy; PTSD; and violence.

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