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Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

An ancient vampire goddess reborn. Four dark shifter priests. A bond and a destiny forged in the sands of time.

When the gilded cage of my privileged life feels like it is closing in on me, I do the unthinkable – I run. Pursued by my bodyguards, I flee to the one placed I have always felt called to… Egypt. The exotic streets and the desert sands make me feel free, but the past has a way of catching up to me, and so do the men sent to hunt me down.

In devotion that seems to go beyond duty, they follow me right into the temple of an ancient Egyptian goddess where dark and bloody revelations wait beneath the sands. There, a hidden world of supernatural arises that leave me craving not only their bodies, but their blood too.

As memories and desires from long ago stir deep inside me, ancient horrors awake within the ruins of this temple. Will I learn to come to terms with what I am and release the power held within me? Will I be able to take my rightful place as the hunter, or will I become the hunted?

Her Dark Priests is the first in the Pride of the Midnight Sun series - a paranormal romance where one woman never has to choose who her happy ending is with. If you like sexy shifters, hot vampires and action and adventure in your plots, you won't want to miss this series!

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