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Author of Paranormal Romance and Reverse Harem

Sins of Angels

When heaven is hunting you and Hell won't take you in, where do you hide?

Lailah has committed the most heinous crime imaginable for a divine being - she fell in love. Now on the run and facing the consequences of her actions, she tries desperately to hide from the hosts of Heaven that have condemned her to eternal torment.


When another player enters the hunt, Lailah becomes desperate. She doesn't know who he is, or why he would want to help her, she only knows that no matter how desperate her situation becomes, she will never pay the price he asks. But never is a long time when you are immortal.


Will she escape her relentless pursuer, or will she surrender and pay the ultimate price?

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Everything I was told about Heaven and Hell was wrong. Now I know the truth.

When I left home six years ago, all I wanted was a normal life, and I am pretty happy with what I’ve found.  An apartment, friends, a bar job in my favourite club. Life is just fine.

But when my eccentric adoptive mother goes missing, I find out that she was so much more than I thought. A witch working for the Concordia - guardians that maintain the balance between Heaven and Hell on earth and protect humanity from their inhabitants.

Discovering I have supernatural powers of my own that she kept hidden from me all these years is just another fight my mother and I will be having when I finally track her down.  At least I have help. Going on the hunt for her with five powerful (and majorly sexy) guardians on my side, I think my chances look pretty good.

I will find her. Even if it kills me.


Problem is, it very well might.



A creature born of darkness and sin. I am Nephilim.

The discovery of what I am has left me reeling, but it has also left me with some amazing powers, a gorgeous pair of black wings and four hot guys in my bed. You’ve got to look on the bright side.

Caught up in a world of powerful relics and ancient gods, I am torn between trying to rescue my mother from her kidnappers or tracking down the powerful artefact they are seeking. The Concordia can’t find out what I am, or I’ll be condemned for eternity, but it seems like I am not the only one keeping secrets.

I need to rely on the powers and devotion of my Guardians, but I’m not sure who I can trust. When everything around us is falling apart, will we be able to stay together?

Or is there a worse betrayal ahead?



Nephilim the Summoning is a dark and steamy reverse harem novel for readers aged 18 and over. Triggers include torture, sexual abuse and graphic violence.



Move over Angel of Vengeance.

Those that betrayed me had better run because when I catch up to them, they will wish they were burning in Hell!

Just as we were coming together, our team of Guardians has been ripped apart and I will stop at nothing to getting the demon I love back home where he belongs.

Leaving a trail of blood and carnage behind him, Shemyaza is seeking something. If he finds what he seeks, he will become unstoppable. I know if we don't discover what the Watcher wants, the whole world could suffer. But Shemyaza isn't the only one with secrets. My team, my men, have accepted me no matter what I turn out to be, but as Euriel probes deeper into the events of the past, will he discover what I am, and if he does, will he ever forgive me?



Nephilim the Reckoning is a dark and steamy reverse harem novel for readers aged 18 and over. Contains graphic violence and group scenes.


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They say it’s always darkest before the dawn. But what if the sun doesn’t rise?

I’m not going to lie, things look pretty bleak where I am right now. Imprisoned in Gehenna, where even angels don’t dare tread, and about to be condemned to eternal torment, I’m not feeling very optimistic right now. Shemyaza has possessed Cain and is now invincible, I’m not sure if Amadi has even survived his possession, and Euriel looks at me like he’d love to oversee my eternal torment himself.

If Shemyaza opens the Gates of Tartarus and releases the Watchers and Nephilim imprisoned within, a war like never before will begin between Heaven and Hell with Earth as their battleground, and the human race may well be slaughtered in its wake.

The apocalypse is imminent, and Heaven is turning a blind eye. It’s up to the Concordia to stop Shemyaza and thankfully I know some pretty awesome supernaturals who’ll help me fight what’s coming.


That’s if I can get out of this cell…

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